I Might Be a Caregiver If…

Many people think that a caregiver is only someone who lives with and gives daily hands-on physical care to another. However, many persons go to great lengths to help keep a family member living independently, sharing the responsibility for their loved-one’s well-being. In doing so, caregivers expend a great deal of emotional and possibly financial support.

Could a family member need your help and support in the near future?  Some situations are predictable, and others just happen when you least expect it.

You might become a caregiver if. . .

… your spouse has surgery

… your parent takes a fall

… your aunt needs help managing finances

… your grandfather loses his driving privileges

… your child becomes disabled in an accident

… your sister develops memory loss

Equip yourself and other family members to respond.  Be ready to take care of yourself as well as the person who needs your help. LSS/NCA’s Caregiver Support program is sponsoring workshops for both current and future caregivers this fall and winter throughout the DC-Metro region. Please check out our calendar of events to learn more about our Support-U program and attend a presentation.

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