They Didn’t Know that SHE Was A Foster Kid

“Those kids are bad. That’s why their parents don’t want them.”

That’s what all of my classmates thought about Foster Care children. How could they believe that? I’m not a bad kid. I couldn’t let my classmates believe something so wrong so I spoke up.

“Children in foster care are not there because they are bad. It’s not a child’s fault that parents don’t so the right thing. It’s not the child’s fault!”

The classroom fell silent. Everyone was looking at me as I told them I was in foster care. I had kept it a secret until then. They thought that my foster mother and sister were my biological mother and sister. We all seemed so “normal” to them. And I’d like to think that we are normal, that being in a foster home doesn’t make me different or bad.

…Malia, began to cry remembering the mean things her classmates said about children like her. Ms. Kimberly, her foster mom, gave her a big hug after she had finished telling her story to the group of LSS/NCA staff sitting in awe. Before she took her seat we heard her whisper, “I’m just so thankful for Ms. Kimberly giving me a home until I can find a permanent family. I try to be a good girl so that Ms. Kimberly won’t send me away.”

LSS/NCA is looking to expand our Foster Care program and serve 30 more children like Malia each year through our Comprehensive Campaign, STRONGER TOGETHER. Explore how you can help! 

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