Today Is A New Day

Mary and her son and daughter left in the middle of the night. It was 1995 and she needed to evacuate Rwanda. Her children had already seen enough death in the mass genocide of her people.  Her children were scared and although she would never let them know, she was frightened as well. Her prayers were answered when she made it out of her country and found herself in America.

As a mother supporting her family and young children, it was crucial that Mary found work right away once she reached America. Through the Matching Grant Program, a program designed to assist refugees and asylees in their journey to become self-sufficient, Mary secured her first job in the United States. She worked hard to make her way to manager of her department and says her children are doing well. Mary still keeps in touch with LSS/NCA and plans to continue her education so that she can continue to advance in her career.

Each year, LSS/NCA resettles over 400 Refugees and serves 1000 refugees and asylees through its employment services program. To learn more about how you can help support our new neighbors, visit our website.

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