At 7 years old, Floriana Journeyed to America as a Refugee

Floriana and her family came to America to escape the war that was terrorizing their home country. Floriana was only 7 years old and, like anyone, she was very scared about moving so far from her home. Her parents had told her that they had no choice–She knew that her dad was in danger for teaching her and her sister reading and writing.

Staff from LSS/NCA were the first people they met. They were friendly and made the move seem not as scary. LSS/NCA helped the family get acquainted with their new home and assisted Floriana’s parents in finding work. Floriana and her siblings enrolled in school and because of what their dad had been able to teach them, they learned English within a few weeks and were able to easily catch up with their peers in class. After a few months, Floriana was no longer hesitant about her new life, but excited to see what the world could offer her. During one of the family’s follow up visits to LSS/NCA, Floriana was anxious to show us all her new friends…

“Do you want to see my new class picture? This is my teacher. This is the name of my school. See? And  this is my friend, and this is my friend, and this is my friend, and this is my friend, and…”

Every year, LSS/NCA resettles over 400 refugees. Many need a friend beyond our organization who can help them navigate the city, explain cultural norms, and provide a helping hand in times of need. If you live in the DC area and are interested in helping, consider serving as a refugee mentor.

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