“I’m Afraid To Fall”

“I’m afraid I’ll fall,” said Megan as she considered the challenge of rock climbing. She watched fearfully as her fellow campers bravely went up the obstacle. “You can do it, Megan,” replied Jackie, one of the counselors, “I’ll go with you and everyone will cheer us on. We are all here for you.” This all the encouragement Megan needed to find the courage to climb that wall.

After each camper had climbed the rocks, Jackie asked, “Why did you succeed even though you were afraid?” The campers’ responses were, “Because I didn’t give up,” and “Because everybody kept cheering me on.”  Jackie then asked, “How does this challenge help you with other challenges you face?” The campers had a plethora of responses. Megan, who could be heard over the group said, “I’m not in this alone.” This year at camp, Megan and all the other campers learned something that some people never learn –that they don’t have to face life alone.

This lesson is especially important for Megan and her fellow campers. Life has taught them that they must hide their biggest fear—their status of living HIV positive. Youth Haven teaches these children that they have friends and support behind them; they won’t fall; and they should never give up! To learn more, visit our website.

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