4 Ways to Celebrate National Foster Care Month

Foster care wordsMay is National Foster Care Month. Before the month comes to a close learn how you can be involved not just today but all year round.  In recognition of all the children in need of love and care, here are 4 ways to get involved, no matter the size of your house or your pocket book.

1. Become a foster parent

Becoming a foster parent is the most influential gift you can give to a child in need. Children without adequate guidance, discipline and motivation are more likely to drop out of school, make lower incomes, and give up on their childhood dreams. A foster family can lend children the stable relationships they need to grow, learn, and reach for the stars!

Although becoming a foster parent has its challenges and requires extra time and space, it carries an unmatched reward–the opportunity to positively affect the life of a child. If you live in the DC metro area and are interested in learning more, please contact Olufemi at odukoyao@lssnca.org

2. Give Money

If you Google “foster care *your city*” you’ll see several  local organizations (often faith-based) that work with the state to recruit and support foster families. Because the state does not provide all the funds needed to support foster children, organizations, like LSS/NCA, need donations to help provide everything from Christmas gifts to college tuition for children in care. To give to a child in need today, please visit our donation page.

3. Donate Stuff

Just like monetary donations, organizations often request used and new items to help support foster families. Although foster parents may be able to donate their time and extra space to a child in need of a temporary home, they may not be able to provide a bed, toys, school supplies, and other things needed to raise a child. Community members are influential in helping foster families provide for children in care. If you have items that you would like to donate, feel free to drop it off at any one of our office locations.

4. Offer a Small Amount of Time

Perhaps you would love to help care for a child but don’t have the space or time to become a foster parent? Requirements vary, but you may qualify to provide assistance to foster families when a need arises.

Legally, foster parents are unable to leave children with other caregivers (who have not been legally cleared to care for them). However, just like any other parent, foster parents sometimes need a break too. You could be a huge blessing to foster parents by taking the necessary steps to make yourself available to babysit or help transport the children to sibling visits or school events. The commitment is small. You can serve only as much as you are able and can stop at any time if your life circumstances change. If you live in the DC metro area, contact Josie Wade wadej@lssnca.org for more information.


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