“Come Together, Learn From One Another”

Bindu came to America when a civil war broke out in her home country. She made the journey alone, but when she arrived in the United States, LSS/NCA showed her that she was no longer on her own. LSS/NCA helped Bindu find a new home that was furnished and stocked with all the essentials that she would need including dishes, pans, fresh towels, and sheets.

Although given a jump start to a new life, seemingly simple tasks for everybody else–how to pay bills, how to navigate the metro, where to look for employment—seemed overwhelming. In Bindu’s case, the most important aspect of LSS/NCA’s work was being able to connect her with another refugee neighbor and helping her find a sponsor—a congregation that she could call hers and lean on for emotional and spiritual support. These networks helped Bindu beyond the scope that LSS/NCA has the capacity to do on our own. In addition to LSS/NCA staff, Bindu was also able to call on these relationships in times of great need.  This kindness inspired Bindu to begin her own refugee women’s social group.

“It is important for refugee women to come together so we can learn from one another. Besides that, we can be able to work as a group, maybe do some improvement, development, or share ideas that we can work on together so that everyone will be able to gain in some kind of way.”

If you or your group is interested in sponsoring a refugee newcomer, please visit our website and learn how you can help give the greatest gift–a friend to someone in need.

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