America: A Home for the Hopeful

Tha Gyan, his wife, mother-in-law and two toddlers fled for their lives because their government had decided to eliminate their ethnicity. His village in Burma was burned to the ground and they had no recourse to fight the injustice. After fleeing their home, they were excited to learn that they would be given the opportunity to go to America. Although thrilled to find safe harbor, moving from Burma to the United States was a big adjustment for the Gyan family.

While they were thrown into a new culture and language, LSS/NCA was there to help the Gyans learn the essentials so that they could thrive in their new home. Tha was able to find work in six short weeks and he learned how to budget for his family’s needs; and his wife was able to go back to school to attain her GED.

Although rebuilding their lives was difficult, they understood how blessed they were to escape and were willing to work hard to ensure a better future for their children. In just over 6 months of being in the U.S., the Gyan family was able to find the help they needed to sustain a new life in America. The LSS/NCA team worked beside them to ensure that the memories of their persecution would not haunt their future nor restrain their potential. Today the family is doing well and is fully self-sufficient. Every now and again Tha pops in to say hello and volunteer to help other families rebuild their homes in America.

Every year, LSS/NCA helps resettle over 400 refugees after fleeing injustice and life threatening circumstances. These individuals are determined, hopeful, and motivated to work hard to build a greater future for themselves and their community. For more information about how you can help visit

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