Passion and Persistence Pays

computer-guyRashad and his family were forced to leave their native land and build a new home.  Because of their faith, not only Rashad’s life but the lives of his little girls were threatened every day. After spending months in a refugee camp and finally arriving in America, Rashad came to LSS/NCA asking for assistance in finding a job. He had studied computer science and worked as an expert in IT in Iraq. Though he could speak English and his work experience was exceptional, LSS/NCA knew that it may be hard for him to find a job without knowing how to navigate the American job market or having past experience with American employers.

However, his passion and determination, along with the guidance of LSS/NCA caseworkers, encouraged him to keep sight of his goal. He refused to give up his dream of a better life or his passion for technology. Rashad was given direction on how to draft a resume and explore places to work. After a few weeks, LSS/NCA told Rashad about the possibility of working at Best Buy, and he was excited and grateful for the suggestion. LSS/NCA helped Rashad walk through the application and interview process. Because of his amazing work ethic, knowledge, and commitment to IT, Rashad reached the final interview phase and was hired on the spot. Today, Rashad works at the Best Buy Geek Squad Help Desk and his daughters are attending a local elementary school.

With the help of LSS/NCA, Rashad’s determination persevered–landing him the career he had worked so hard to attain and helping him rebuild a life for him and his family.   Each year, LSS/NCA helps over 400 refugees rebuild their lives in America, find justice, and become self-sufficient. Tomorrow brings another New Year and with it, another chance to serve more of our neighbors in need. Bring 2013 to a close by making a tax deductible donation to LSS/NCA.

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