Foster Care: One Mother’s Gift to Her Son

Ms. D and her two-day old son, JD, were in a difficult situation. It was 3 days after the arrival of little JD and time for them to leave the hospital, but they had nowhere to go. They had no place to call home and no family to support them. Ms. D knew she was in no place, physically or mentally to take care of her son, so she made the emotionally difficult decision to do what was best for little JD.

When LSS/NCA got the call that she and her son were in need, they came to the rescue. LSS/NCA found JD a foster home that would allow Ms. D to bond with her son regularly. Meanwhile LSS/NCA helped Ms. D find mental health assistance, parenting skill classes and job training. After three years of hard work and dedication, Ms. D was able to be reunified with her son. Never missing a beat of his childhood, she was as connected to JD at reunification as much as the first day they walked out of the hospital together.

LSS/NCA has about 65 foster children in care at any given point during the year. These children are waiting for reunification with their families or looking for forever homes. For more information on how you can help, please visit

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