A Holiday Gift that Can’t Be Matched

By: Vann, The Compassion Vann

IMG_0896This morning I revved my engine, turned on the heater, and made myself nice and toasty because I knew I was on my way to pick up Susie and Cindy. Each week, I pick them up at their foster home and drive them across town to visit their birth mother. Today, the little ones were bundled up in their mittens and scarves to ward off the winter chill, but they were no less excited to see their mother. Susie kept kicking the back of my front seat in anticipation of giving her mom a present—a picture of their family she had made out of macaroni noodles. I didn’t mind the kicking because I was just as excited for her! When we arrived the girls bounced out of their seats and the LSS/NCA social worker took the girls inside.

When we were ready to leave, their mom kneeled down and gave each girl a kiss goodbye. Usually, the way home is quiet and somber because the girls know they will have to wait another week to see their mother. But today was different. Today the girls were told that they would be able to move home before Christmas. They could not stop talking about how their life would be—the cookies they would frost with mom, the stories they would read before bed, and the decorations they would make for the Christmas tree. Because of the LSS/NCA Foster Care Program, Susie and Cindy were provided love and guidance in a safe and warm home while their mom learned how to be the mother she always thought she could be. The girls will have a family for Christmas – only the beginning of their new life together.

You hold the keys to make all the difference. Please consider donating to LSS/NCA this holiday season to ensure a better future for our neighbors in need.

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