A Grandma’s Love Provides A Home

By: Vann, the Compassion Van

Just yesterday, I heard this story while driving a little boy to take a Christmas present to his birth mother…


A young boy named Zamir was placed in temporary foster care while his mother attempted to get back on her feet. With reunification as the goal, LSS/NCA provided Zamir’s mother with guidance counseling and parenting classes to ensure that she would be equipped to take care of her son. Unfortunately, Zamir’s mother fell back into old habits and was arrested, making it evident that Zamir’s well-being depended on him finding a permanent home that could provide the love and support that he needed and deserved.

Wanting the best for Zamir, his grandmother Susie volunteered to get licensed as a foster parent so she could care for him while LSS/NCA looked for a permanent home. Susie loved and cared for Zamir like he was her own, and soon decided to adopt Zamir. Susie ensures that he retains a healthy relationship with his birth mother by helping Zamir make his mother a card each Mother’s Day and a Christmas present each year. Susie’s decision to adopt Zamir not only gave him a loving and protective home, but the opportunity to sustain a healthy relationship with his birth mother who was unable to care for him by herself. Today, Zamir is doing well and loves the second grade. He says, like all kids do, that recess is his favorite “class.”

Zamir is one of the 102 children that have found a home through LSS/NCA this past year. To help write more stories like this one, please consider a gift of hope this holiday season. Donate Here.

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