Expressions of Abundance – a virtual day of giving

We want to take the time and opportunity to thank everyone who has joined us throughout the day for the Expressions of Abundance – a virtual day of giving.

Given the global health crisis we find ourselves living in, we were saddened to cancel our in-person breakfast events. However, this funding is so critical to the work we do and the services we provide our clients that go beyond basic needs. Therefore, we shifted to an online day of giving. We have provided footage from many of our programs and staff members, as well as, two live events.

We hope you were able to “attend” today, but if you were not able to, we have posted all of our content from the day below. View our program spotlights to hear how we have adapted to the COVID-19 “new normal,” hear from some of our supporters, and learn how your contributions go a long way to make the DMV more welcoming and to inspire compassion.

Thank you for all of your support you have given to us over the years – whether it is as a donor, Good Neighbor Partner, volunteer, staff member, board member, partnering congregation or community group, etc. We are thankful for you.

Please consider making a gift today if you haven’t already. We are still working to meet our day’s goal of $15,000 that will supplement the funds we receive through federal, state, and private grants. Please choose to walk with those in need, to link communities, and to inspire compassion.

All the best,

Dana Lea, Director of Community Outreach



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