By LSSNCA Interim CEO, Lynn Tedesco

Like many of you, we have been busy answering calls and emails from our staff, volunteers, and community partners about how COVID-19 will impact LSSNCA — including our ability to deliver programs and services.

Following the guidelines put out by the CDC, we continue to educate our staff, volunteers and clients on the importance of hygiene and the need to stay home should you have symptoms.  Further, we have technology strategies that will allow telework for those who need to self-quarantine or must remain at home to take care of their children while school continues to be out of session.  Considering most of our work includes human interface, i.e. home visits with our foster children and refugee families, we are working closely with federal, state and local agencies in the DMV to ensure the services we are providing align with the protocols they are putting in place to keep our clients safe, as well.

Further, we are postponing any large events to ensure we keep people safe and adhere to the recommendation to practice social distancing.

As our routines and comforts are temporarily disrupted, I want to share my confidence in the strength of our staff and their willingness to serve. We are a smart, passionate, and empathetic force for good.

With your continued support, we’ll help the communities we serve get through this together.

We ask that our clients, staff, and supporters heed the health instructions and protocols of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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