My Forever Family that Started with a Smile

Author: Kimberly Williams-Jenkins, Foster & adoptive Mother

My name is Kimberly Williams-Jenkins. In addition to serving on the LSS Board, I myself am an adoptive mother.

Over a decade ago I saw an article in the newspaper. The headline read, “Woman convicted of killing foster kids and storing them in freezer.”

Not only was I horrified but I was extremely distraught. My husband and I had been talking about becoming a foster home for years. I was angry. Why had we not done it yet? Although I know there was nothing I could have done to prevent that horrible crime, a part of me believed that it was my inaction that allowed this to happen. We signed up that day.

I would probably say … within 6 months and 5 kids into being a foster mom, we received a phone call about a 5-year-old boy who needed a home and was also available for adoption. The moment I met him, I bent down so I could look him in the eyes. I’d heard from Amy, the LSS social worker, that he loved to smile … and that’s exactly how we greeted each other.  I knew then that he was going to be my son; and we were going to be his forever family. On your tables are some family photos of our little Lavontay — who is not so little anymore!  He’s 12 years old now and still loves to smile.

We provided foster care for 7 years and gave a home to 23 children throughout that time. Each child we met was in a horrible situation that was no fault of their own. They wanted to reach their potential, make their dreams come true, and more than anything else…they desired to be loved.

Kimberly and Devonte


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