Soaring Achievement From Our Foster Youth

Author: Leena Said, URM Social Worker

The LSS/NCA Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) team, especially me, are thrilled and honored to announce that two of our youth will be graduating from high school this year and will be attending college this fall.

Diane, 20-years-old, and Dieudonne, 18-years-old, were given the opportunity through LSS/NCA and their foster families to reach their goals and never give up on their ambitions. Since they arrived in the United States, they have overcome past experiences and become positive role models in our community.

Dieudonne arrived in the U.S. from Congo in 2014 after witnessing the death of his grandfather when intruders entered his childhood home. He was inspired by his first plane ride to America and will be taking aviation classes at Arizona State University, leading to his desired career as a commercial pilot. He was nominated for the Presidential Scholar Award and served as his class Valedictorian at his graduation ceremonies.

big brother
Dieudonne with little foster brother in DC.

Diane fled Congo as a young girl and arrived in the United States in 2016. She graduated from high school in three short years and won the award for Black Leadership. This fall she will be attending Marymount University as a nursing student.

Diane’s graduation photo.

Since entering the LSS/NCA URM Program, each has learned a new language, created a support team consisting of family and friends, gone through the highs and lows of adjusting to foster care, and will now, no doubt, excel in the next chapter of their lives.

Without our wonderful and compassionate foster families, Diane and Dieudonne would not have had the opportunity for a college education nor anticipated achieving their dreams. If you are curious about opening your home to a refugee youth, please contact Patricia Britt at; (202) 723-3000 ext. 254

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