Family Seeks America After Car Bomb

Zain and his family arrived home to find their family vehicle in pieces. A car bomb had been placed inside. What if it had detonated while they were playing in the yard or driving to school? At the time, Zain and his wife had 3 children; the oldest was 6 years old.

Zain loved Iraq. He worked as a merchant and lived close to lifelong friends. But his neighborhood had become dangerous and he could not risk the lives of his 3 young children. In 2010, Zain and his family fled to Syria where they lived for 2 years before brutal civil war threatened his family once again. Nearly hopeless and yearning for a new beginning, they made their way to a refugee camp in Turkey.

They tried to make Turkey home for nearly 4 years until their application to resettle in America was approved. Zain was beyond joy. He had wanted a better life for his wife and children. In America, his children would have the opportunity to build a future.

928238_692141400868162_1166048771_nJust a few weeks after arriving in Maryland, Zain awoke in the middle of the night to extreme chest pain. The family called their LSS/NCA caseworker, Chloe. They had come to depend on Chloe for guidance and friendship since their arrival. They were scared and unsure what to do. In the middle of the night, Chloe met Zain and his family in the emergency room. Chloe ensured that Zain and his wife was provided an interpreter so they understood what was happening and the status of Zain’s condition. During the days that followed, Chloe helped Zain’s wife navigate public transportation and expedited the family’s Medicaid application to ensure immediate care.

Zain’s condition forced him to have triple bypass surgery and LSS/NCA was there through it all. Today, Zain and his family are healthy and back on track towards self-sufficiency. They are strengthening their English skills through classes, receiving employment training, and the kids are enrolled in school for next fall. Zain is excited to work hard and find his American Dream.

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