Children Fleeing Homes to Find Hope

“As federal, state and local authorities deal with the influx of nearly 60,000 Central American children — and counting — who have crossed the border alone, one legal priority is to reunite the children with relatives in this country while their deportation cases proceed. But what happens to the unaccompanied immigrant children who have no relatives here?

There is a lot of love in this Columbia, Maryland, home. Dennis, a Honduran teenager, is teaching Spanish to his foster parents Leah and Mike. Dennis seems at home in this upper-middle class neighborhood. There are single family homes set amid large grassy lots, but this isn’t the world he grew up in.”

Dennis is an unaccompanied refugee minor who fled his home. After being given legal status by the U.S. government, Dennis entered the Foster Care program at LSS/NCA. NPR covered his amazing journey. Listen to his story at WAMU. 

In 2016, children continue to flee their homes at an alarming rate. LSS/NCA aims to increase the number of unaccompanied refugee minors we are able to support. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to a child in need, contact Patricia Britt at


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