Volunteer Partnership with MJ Morgan Group

MJ Group

This past summer, the LSS/NCA Baltimore office welcomed Charles Nolan Wietcher from MJ Morgan Group as an employment services volunteer. MJ Morgan Group has been a very strong employment partner since 2011 and has decided to send a volunteer twice per month to our Baltimore location to be more involved with LSS/NCA efforts. These semi-monthly volunteers will be contacting clients about available jobs throughout our community, speaking to other potential employers about job retention and the benefits of hiring a refugee, and conducting mock interviews to help refugees prepare for the American workforce.

Vice President of MJ Morgan Group, Bryan Nizer, said, “MJ Morgan Group is extremely proud and honored to be a partner with LSS/NCA. Since 2011, we have hired hundreds, if not thousands of LSS clients. More importantly, we have had the privilege to watch these dedicated and passionate people rebuild their lives in the United States. Knowing that we play an integral part in helping them and knowing that they are now out of harm’s way is truly indescribable. Thank you LSS for choosing us to be a valued partner!”

If your business is interested in partnering with LSS/NCA by sponsoring an event or volunteering with our refugee families, please visit our corporate sponsorship page.

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