Finding a Home for Five


Recently, a caseworker from LSS/NCA was awoken in the middle of the night. Not long before, a frantic neighbor had called the police about her concern for the children next door.

For the last little while smells had been emanating from the house, and the childish screams she heard that evening had been the last straw. When the police arrived in the chaotic home of five children, they discovered that the family’s pit bull had bitten one child on his face, legs, and arms. The house had holes in the walls, dog urine on the floor, and cockroaches darting from room to room. To make matters worse, there were only two beds in a single room for both parents and all five children to sleep on.

Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) was called to inspect the home and immediately determined that it was not safe for the children to stay. Knowing that finding a temporary home for all five children would be difficult in the middle of the night, they called LSS/NCA—the one team they knew they could count on.

Our staff immediately began calling foster parents to find a suitable home. We refused to split them up so we needed to ensure they were placed into a home with plenty of space, and foster parents that could help mend the physical and emotional wounds. The next morning, contact had been made and the children were able to move into their new home. With plenty of guidance and support, the foster parents were able to create a stable and loving environment. Once their biological mother had a steady job and a new home, they were reunited. And the children found love in their mother’s arms once again.

Foster parenting is often referred to as a life-changing and exciting opportunity to help children in our communities and we are so grateful for their dedication. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out a Foster Parent Interest Form.

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