10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy on a Snowy Day

Snow is here! Since we all seem to be stuck inside today with no place to go, here are 10 great ideas to keep the little ones active indoors.

1)    Snow Ice Cream

Most children want to explore the yard when there’s a snow day. If it’s too cold or windy for them to be outside, just fill a bowl with snow and make them a tasty treat. You can find the simple recipe here.

2)    Simple science projects

The only thing more interesting than snow is science! A science project is a great way to get the kids engaged and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Click here to find a list (and instructions) of different projects that may work for your family.

3)    Make your own play dough

Making play dough is an easy task and making a town, train station, or zoo will keep the kids entertained for hours. Here is the recipe for play dough.

4)    Popsicle Stick Puzzles

How much fun would the kids have painting, then solving their own puzzle? All you have to do is tape some popsicles sticks together and let them paint. When they’re all done, mix all the pieces together and watch as the kids try to put their own puzzles back together.

5)    Melting Artwork

The children would love to see what designs colored snow can make on their paper. This is a simple project that melts while you try another fun activity. For directions and needed materials, click here.

6)    Lego Color Race

This is sure to use some of your child’s energy and it’s easy for you! All you have to do is make colored squares for each color Lego your child has. Then let them pick a color square and race to make a tower using only that color. (You can also try with two colors.)

7)    The Activity Cube

Kids are full of energy, so it’s important to have activities that use that energy in a positive way. This cube is just the trick. Make a cube with physical activities on each square. Like dice, let them throw the cube and do the activity that lands face up. Click here for further instructions.

8)    Wax Paper Ice Skating

All you have to do is rip off a couple pieces of wax paper, stand on the pieces and glide across the floor as if you’re ice skating. This works well with most floors and your children will enjoy you making your home into a skating rink.

9)    Make hot cocoa and watch a movie

What better way to warm up than to sip hot cocoa and watch a movie with your family?

10) Take a glow-in-the-dark bath

After a day full of fun activities, the kids need a bath. Why not make that fun too? Grab a few glow sticks and put them in your child’s bath water. Turn off the lights and let them have fun.

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