5 Minutes Can Decide Your Future

If your life was in danger and your spouse told you that you had to leave without them, would you? Would you leave your newborn baby behind, knowing that you may never see them again? Knowing that if you stayed, you would certainly be killed? These were the decisions that Nina had to make within minutes.

Nina’s life had been threatened because she was speaking out for women’s rights in Iran. Because persecution was imminent if she returned home, Nina was granted asylum when she arrived at an American entry point. Though she was given the opportunity to live and work in America, she had been unable to find employment and was living with the grief of leaving her family behind.

Right away, LSS/NCA knew they could help. LSS/NCA provided Nina information about employment and vocational training, affordable housing, and referrals to other services she may be eligible for until she could find a job. Most importantly, LSS/NCA explained that she may be able to see her family again which gave her more hope and determination than she had felt in a long time. Nina was hired full time as a home care assistant and took on a second job at TJ Maxx so that she could save enough money to help her family when they arrived. After a few months, Nina was reunited with her baby and husband.

LSS/NCA resettles over 400 refugees in the Washington Dc metro area every year. In 90 days, LSS/NCA helps them build a new home and find a job so they can become self-sufficient members of our community. To learn more visit www.lssnca.org.

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