Forced to Flee as an Afghan SIV

I am from the province of Nangarhar, known as the evergreen city located in the East of Afghanistan. In my home country, I was a social activist and studied business management and International Relations. I advocated for children and women’s rights and worked for local governance projects, including the World Bank and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

I was granted the special immigrant visa (SIV) in 2017 after two years of vetting, health screening, and visa interviews at the U.S embassy in Afghanistan. It was a hard decision but I needed to protect my family that was in harm’s way due to my work. I left behind my parents, sibling, and job to begin rebuilding my life in America.

I feel proud. I stood tall for women and children and will continue to do so. Together, we can do more to bring communities together.

~Mazz H.

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