Three Courageous Women: SEBLE, SAMRAWIT, & MELETE

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we share a story of a friendship and three courageous women. These women represent the millions who refuse to lose hope or give up on their dreams.

We were all born and raised in Eritrea. Home was a bitter place to live and lacked opportunity, especially for women. All of us, at different times, made the difficult decision to leave in search of hopeful futures. We waited for this opportunity for a combined total of 17 years in an Ethiopian refugee camp.

Melete had waited nine years– the longest –for a chance to leave the camp. “When I heard that I had been accepted to the U.S. resettlement program, I was so happy. I was prepared to work and build a life for myself in America.” It wasn’t until late in our journeys that we found friendship and comfort in one another after an introduction by an LSSNCA case-worker soon after arriving.

Today, we are going to school and interviewing for jobs—this was once a distant dream for us. We yearned for the chance to learn and the ability to work hard to become financially independent for ourselves.

In the future, these courageous and resilient young women hope to someday reunite with the families they had to leave behind and recover the time they missed. They thank all those, including LSS/NCA whom are courteous, helpful, and welcoming to those who come seeking new beginnings and life-long friendships.

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