LSSNCA Volunteer Food Distribution Serves More Than 300 People

Meet volunteers Lauren Kuykendall and Karen McNeilly!

They have been diligently serving at LSSNCA and combined have spent over 220 hours in support of our new neighbors since September 2021! From assisting with client benefits to ensuring our staff members eat lunch, these two have been true blessings to the LSSNCA Mission!

Lauren and Karen, with the support of their congregation (Restoration Anglican Church) led recent efforts towards establishing a food distribution model to meet the nutritional needs of those served through LSSNCA. What started from a conversation in the lunchroom has turned into a sustainable program that has served over 300 LSSNCA clients and counting! This initial distribution model served through a partnership with Communidad (led by Maralee Gutierrez) and sourced through the Capital Area Food Bank, will soon be adopted by more community partners to increase the capacity and frequency of which clients are served.

We are extremely grateful to have Lauren and Karen part of our LSSNCA Family! You are February Heros of the Month!

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