Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area was honored to host Angelina Jolie, known internationally for her humanitarian work and for her special attention to refugees and other forcibly displaced persons across the globe. Ms. Jolie was interested in hearing the stories of recently arrived Afghan women. We arranged a safe space in our Fairfax office for seven Afghan women and Ms. Jolie. Each woman was at significant risk from the Taliban due to their leadership in journalism and other media, performing arts, and human rights. Significant conversations regarding their concerns about the safety of their families in Afghanistan, and the future for women and girls were held.

Six of the seven women escaped from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover and met in the Qatar airport on their way to the United States. Their shared experiences bonded them, and they have served as a source of support for each other. They even chose to live together once they resettled in the United States.

LSSNCA continues to support these women by providing employment opportunities and resources in the community to help them as they resettle. Our staff of employment specialists provide coaching and interviewing workshops as well as help with technology as they seek employment opportunities.

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