Statement on Yesterday’s Verdict in the George Floyd Case

Yesterday’s conviction assured accountability for a murder that happened over nine minutes in broad daylight, recorded on camera, and seen by the world. The uncertainty regarding the verdict underscores the deep roots of systemic racism in our nation. Although the guilty verdict will not bring George Floyd back to life, we hope it provides some comfort to his family. Although the verdict does not solve the systemic roots of the problem, we hope it signals validation that Black Lives do Matter. 

LSSNCA serves individuals and families fleeing persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. These individuals and families come to the United States seeking safety and refuge. We welcome them as New Americans, assuring “liberty and justice for all.” Events of injustice threaten our physical and psychological safety, and they go against the values on which our country stands. 

At LSSNCA, we are committed to our own journey of advancing justice with humility and grace for one another. We do the work of anti-racism which requires disrupting unjust systems and having the courage to do things differently. We celebrate this small step towards justice in solidarity with our Black friends and communities, and we pray and work towards a more peaceful and equitable world. 

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