WASHINGTON, D.C. January 7, 2021 — Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) joins our community in heartbreak and in condemnation of the violence  that occurred yesterday at our nation’s Capitol building. We lament the loss of life and the threats, violence and intimidation against our elected officials, their staff members, journalists, and others.

While our laws grant a right to free expression, the destruction of property, personal violence, and disruption of the democratic processes that occurred threaten all Americans, our form of government, and our national future. These acts undermine our democracy and do not reflect American values.

We hold the values of democracy and nonviolence close to our hearts as we work to provide hope and belonging to new Americans fleeing civil unrest and violence and as we work to create better futures for children, youth, and families throughout our community. We believe it is our civic responsibility to advocate for justice and accountability when we see America’s shared democracy being threatened. We applaud those leaders who have condemned the events and demanded a peaceful transition of power. We encourage all those within our country to work toward that goal.

As we reflect on yesterday’s tragic and senseless events, LSSNCA is grateful for all those who contribute to  our community work here in the DMV as we strive to make our community a place where all can thrive and live in peace. We pray for courage for our leaders in their defense of our democracy, for radical love for all of humanity, and for healing and peace for our country.

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