Trump Administration Reduces Refugee Cap to 30,000, a Record Low

Dear Friends:

Today, the White House announced a sharp reduction in the number of refugees who can be resettled in the United States. The Trump Administration has set a cap of 30,000 refugee admissions for FY19, a 33% reduction from last year when the cap was set at 45,000 individuals. Of the 45.000 cap set for 2018, and because of administrative hurdles, less than 50% of refugees arrived.

We are dismayed by the administration’s efforts to scale back a program intended to offer protection to individuals and families victimized by persecution and caught in the cross hairs of war. Today, there are over 68 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide and 25.4 million refugees, over half of whom are children. This is not the time to limit lifesaving services to our worldwide neighbors in crisis. At this urgent moment of disproportionate global displacement, it is more important than ever before to demonstrate the love and compassion that has defined our faith and organization for over 100 years.

Due to this incredible reduction in refugee resettlement, LSS/NCA may be limited in the number of arriving refugee families we can help in the upcoming year. However, we are still providing mentorship, employment workshops, and individual case management to the hundreds of refugees who arrived in the past few years and to Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders who have provided necessary services to our country even at their own risk. In addition, we continue to provide foster homes to unaccompanied refugee youth, immigration services to those seeking residency or citizenship in the United States, and advocacy opportunities for community members to speak for the millions of refugees who will no longer have the opportunity to build a home and a better future for their children.

Increase refugee advocacy efforts and support LSS/NCA programming by visiting our donation page today.

In Service,

Christine P. Connell
Chief Executive Officer

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