Supreme Court Decision Stays Travel Ban

Since early December, the US has blocked an unknown number of people from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Venezuela from entering the US. Individuals from banned countries are theoretically eligible for waivers, but in practice, waivers are few and far between. After one month, 8,400 people had applied for waivers; and after three months, only about 100 waivers had been granted.
Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision stays the current course and allows this most recent travel ban to stand. The decision prevents tens of thousands of families and children born into the world’s most dangerous territories from achieving the freedom and safety granted to generations of immigrants who have resettled in the United States.
Despite this decision, LSS/NCA will continue to seek out new ways to welcome those fleeing war, famine, and persecution. Stand with us. Welcome the stranger. Offer hope in the darkest of times. Your gift today will offer employment services to those already building a life in our community, scholarships for youth and adults eager to further their education and certifications, and holistic case management for families who push through the barricade of obstacles to seek out the American dream.
For full coverage and additional information on the decision, visit CNN’s live feed.
Stay informed and read the court’s opinion written by Chief Justice Roberts  as well as a powerful dissent written by Justice Sotomayor.

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