Volunteers Take to the Streets Celebrating LSS/NCA’s 100 Years of Service

May 8, 2017 (Washington, DC) On a May Saturday, dozens of volunteers, staff and partner organizations joined Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSS/NCA) in celebration, solidarity and service to celebrate 100 years of LSS/NCA.  Into the Streets, the single largest community-wide day of service in the organization’s known history was a bold demonstration of the good that can be accomplished and the impact that can be created through collaboration, commitment and common goals.

20170506_145515Founded in 1917, LSS/NCA has served at the forefront of the region’s most pressing needs, with a particular emphasis on supporting and caring for children and families.  Throughout its storied history, LSS/NCA has partnered with congregations of all faiths, local non-profits, individuals and businesses to deliver service, compassion and care whenever and wherever it is needed.

The day of service attracted LSS volunteers and staff, as well as individuals and families from across the district interested in serving and connecting with others. This included Bishop Darrin Howell of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Capitol Hill Ward.  Bishop Howell, who’s congregation works with LSS/NCA to support the refugee resettlement program saw the day as an opportunity to forge connections within the DC service community.

“It is really important for people of all faiths to come together united by our common belief that we are meant to serve and take care of our neighbors,” explains Bishop Howell.  “We have been fortunate to partner with LSS on several projects, joining hands regardless of doctrine to celebrate the commonality that we have. That holds true for my congregation, as well as people of all faiths.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share this experience with others from around the region.  Together we are truly stronger.”

Into the Streets encompassed a myriad of programs to appeal to any interest: from quilting warm blankets for children served through the LSS/NCA Foster Care and Adoption program, to participating in a youth-run seminar on overcoming the stigma of HIV/AIDS, to an opportunity to organize in-kind donations for refugee families soon arriving in the United States.

20170506_145354LSS/NCA partners, congregations and affiliates also hosted their own service programs, spreading the message and impact of LSS/NCA to communities, families and individuals region-wide. In total an estimated 150 supporters, volunteers and staff participated in Into the Streets marking the single-known biggest service day in 100 years of LSS/NCA history.

“We were blessed to experience the overwhelming outpouring of support by our entire community,” said LSS/NCA CEO Christine Connell.  “Into the Streets was a bold demonstration of the power of service to uplift and underpin the most vulnerable among us. Together, we celebrated the compassionate heart of Christ by serving others. This gets to the heart of our mission and our collective calling.”

For more information on LSS/NCA its people, programs and centennial year celebration, please visit lssnca.org.



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