9 Cheers for Thanksgiving


This past year was a whirlwind of service and opportunity at LSS/NCA. As we head into 2017, LSS/NCA’s 100th year of service, Thanksgiving provides the opportunity to look back at everything we have accomplished together and all we can look forward to in the coming year. We are thankful for:

  1. Donors: $.73 of every dollar goes directly to a neighbor in need: a foster child seeking home and love, a refugee fleeing oppression, or a vulnerable youth overcoming stigma. Without our supporters, thousands of children and families would be under-served every year. Donate Today!
  2. Volunteers: This past year, nearly 300 individuals registered to volunteer with LSS/NCA, offering love and acceptance throughout our community.
  3. 1,048 Refugees Welcomed to the DC Metro Area: After fleeing war and persecution, LSS/NCA resettled over 1000 refugees by providing housing, employment, and other resettlement services.
  4. 90 Children Offered Homes & Love: Neglected and abandoned children found family through foster care and adoption as community members opened their doors and hearts to children in need.
  5. 70 Vulnerable Youth Stood Against the Stigma of HIV/AIDS: Through Youth Haven programming, families and children found a safe haven to build their future and overcome obstacles.
  6. 65 Staff: Worked tirelessly to offer kindness and warmth to over 2,000 men, women, and children in need of compassion this past year.
  7. 83 Congregations: Congregations of every faith and creed welcomed refugee families through the LSS/NCA Good Neighbor Program, offering housing, apartment needs, and mentoring to our new neighbors.
  8. LSS/NCA Leadership and Board Members: While staff is on the ground offering a shoulder and a helping hand, LSS/NCA leadership determines strategic direction, building on the team’s strengths and providing resources to limit weaknesses.
  9. 99 Years of Service: the thousands and thousands of staff, board members, leaders, congregations, volunteers, and donors who have rallied over the past century to answer the call to serve.

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