Unexpected Blessings

unex[ected giftSometimes the most precious gifts show up in the least expected places. To our families in need and to staff at LSS/NCA, every gesture of good will is a miracle.

Last winter, Youth Haven Camps & Retreats received a grant from the Miller & Chevalier Charitable Foundation in a serendipitous turn of events. Employees of the Miller & Chevalier Law Firm are encouraged to nominate local organizations as recipients of the grant funds. Well it just so happens that mere weeks before the nomination deadline, a passionate LSS/NCA supporter was unknowingly chatting with one of the law firm’s employees about the great work of LSS/NCA. Days later, Youth Haven was nominated by the employee and chosen as a grant recipient. Because of that grant, youth in our local community who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS had the opportunity to explore a range of local colleges and careers as we helped them prepare for their final year of high school.

Remember, as the holidays roll around, your company, congregation, or group may be looking for a local charity to support through in-kind gifts or financial donations. Our programs–Refugee Services, Foster care, and Youth Haven Camps & Retreats–could not continue to offer in depth services to our neighbors without your help. Please continue to serve as a champion for LSS/NCA.  You may just find yourself in a position to nominate your favorite organization for a special gift.

Contact Autumn at ormea@lssnca.org if you have any questions or would like to start a collection of your own to benefit our families in need.


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