25 Things Vann Has to be Grateful for This Year

As the New Year begins, I drive along the roads to help our neighbors in need. I like to think of all the things that I am grateful for along the way. I want to share with you some of the people and things that make it possible for me to continue to serve our community.

  1. A great CEO with a heart larger than the number of people we serve each year.
  2. The 2 refugee families that are resettled in new homes in our community every day.
  3. The 3 months that each foster parent spends initially training to open their home to a child in need.
  4. The many staff members that work tirelessly each day to help our neighbors in need.
  5. All of the dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping others.
  6. Six wonderful directors that assist in the everyday functions of LSS/NCA.
  7. Every single In-Kind gift that helps a family settle into a new home or a child go to summer camp.
  8. All of the foster families that give children safe, loving homes.
  9. The hundreds of caregivers that selflessly care for an aging or ill loved one.
  10. The ability of 10 volunteer camp counselors to give guidance to 25 kids affected by HIV/AIDS.
  11. 11 Board members that give their time and talents to ensure the future of LSS/NCA.
  12. Every opportunity that we receive to share our mission with others (including this blog).
  13. Every child that finds safety and support as they grow past the stigma of HIV/AIDS.
  14. The local partner congregations that offer friendship and support to our neighbors in need.
  15. The opportunity to provide relief to disasters that destroy homes, families, and lives.
  16. Our 6 DC Metro office locations that make it easier for families to access our services.
  17. The 1700 refugees that find a home or a job because of you.
  18. The 180 families and children served through our adoption and foster care program each year.
  19. The tremendous support of our community and people like YOU.
  20. The resources and peer support provided to numerous families in Youth Haven Family Mini-Camps.
  21. The faith communities that help us ensure a caregiver’s wellness.
  22. Every time we are able to reunite a child with their birth family.
  23. The wholeness and justice we are able to give to our neighbors in need through the support and encouragement of people like you.
  24. 24 hours in every day; each minute an opportunity to make a difference.
  25. Each 25 dollar donation that supports a child affected by HIV/AIDS, a family fleeing war, or a youth in need of a loving home.

What are you thankful for? Let us know and share your story on our website.

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