A Letter from a Foster Parent: Children Can Do More Than Dream

LSS/NCA received the following update from one of our foster parents this past week and we wanted to share it with you…

“As a foster parent, I see children transform their lives and reach goals far beyond what they ever imagined. My foster daughters, *Allison and *Katherine, exemplify this idea and I am so proud of them. 

*Katherine was accepted to the First Star Greater Washington Academy, a preparatory program for college. It will pay for four years of tuition at one of four schools, including George Washington University. She did an outstanding job completing her free form writing assignments and has actively participated in the summer immersion program to prepare her for the Academy. It is such as blessing to be by *Katherine’s side as she chases her dreams.

*Allison is expected to reach permanency status within the next few weeks which means she will be adopted into a loving home. After a tragic childhood in the frequent absence of her birth parents she is becoming a warmhearted young girl that loves hugs.

I am filled with such joy when I see *Katherine and *Allison take control of their futures and happily make their way down positive paths in life. Serving as a foster parent for over a decade has brought a few challenges, but nothing in comparison to the pride I feel when a child surpasses their own expectations.”

~Ms. Kim

*Names of Children have been changed

If you live in the DC metro area and would like to learn about how you can become a foster parent, please fill out this Foster Parent Interest Form. LSS/NCA would love to hear from you and is always seeking additional homes to provide more children with the love and care they deserve.

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