Learning to Thrive After a Stormy Past

Ali had to flee his country after being persecuted for his faith in God. After spending years in a refugee camp, he made it to the shores of America. He was determined to provide for his family, but he struggled to navigate the city and the job process in a new foreign land. On top of it all, he knew little English, so he couldn’t ask others for help. After months of trying to make it on his own, Ali was referred to LSS/NCA for help.

By the time that LSS was given the case, Ali’s wife had become pregnant. His need for employment was now critical, as he was preparing for a new addition to his family. After getting to know Ali, LSS/NCA found his credentials to be quite impressive. Throughout his career, he had received numerous awards and letters of recommendation from past supervisors, praising his intelligence, dedication, ability to motivate others and his unwavering work ethic. Ali had the ability to secure a fantastic job if only given the tools and help he needed to begin. With the help of LSS/NCA mentors, Ali was able to find a terrific job with great pay and health benefits within a few short weeks.

Recently, Ali called LSS and thanked them for all the work they had done to help take care of him and his family. He said that LSS had given him hope that everything would be fine even after his tormented past. He looked forward to a new life in America as a providing father and loving husband.

Interested in making a difference in someone’s life? Consider being a refugee mentor.

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