“This Country is Really Free”

Do you ever take for granted the freedoms we are given in America? The right to pray, the right to speak our native tongue, the right to dance and sing to any music we wish? As a refugee, Tering shares what it was like to never know “freedom”…until now.

Tering feared for her life because of the political unrest in her home country. Every day freedom was stripped from her people. People of Tering’s ethnicity were being exiled, punished and persecuted just because they believed they too had a right to vote and to study in their own language. Tering fled from her home in Tibet to India to seek help. After living in a refugee camp for a few months, she was given the opportunity to start a new life in the United States. When Tering arrived in America, she was apprehensive. But LSS/NCA helped her find a job and a home to call her own. Tering knew she was now free –she had nothing to fear.

”Here I feel happy that this country is really free. We have the full freedom to move anywhere and speak anything. I feel really happy about the freedom here that people are getting. I’m really impressed by it. ”

Tering’s story is one of thousands. So many are looking for the opportunity to simply think on their own. To find out how you can help visit our website.

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