Rebuilding Life After Losing Everything

“When I was coming here I was in deep sorrow. I had a son, and the way they killed him is why I came. My heart will always hurt when I think about my son. When I got in the plane, I didn’t even know if I would arrive in America and still be alive. But when I came here, I met the agency, I felt that God had blessed me. I feel that if I stayed home, I would not be alive today.”

Lorway came from Liberia after her son was killed brutally by militia forces. When she arrived in the United States, LSS/NCA met her in the airport with a warm hug and began the process helping her build a future. Not only did they help her transition to her new life in America by finding her a place to live, teaching her how to navigate the transportation system, and helping her build a resume, but they were able to connect Lorway with the mental health services she desperately needed in order to grieve the loss of her son and her home. Though the pain of losing her only child will never disappear, Lorway has said that God has blessed her with a new family in LSS/NCA, her community, and the friends she has found in America.


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