Not Just for Kids

Renee’s life changed a few years ago when she was told she had HIV—a virus that was incurable and came with dozens of side effects. Not only was she a young mother but now she had a secret burden to carry. She feared leaving her children with no support and hated the thought that they could be teased or bullied at school because of their mom’s condition.

Renee had heard about Youth Haven and assumed that camp was for kids, so she was skeptical when she was invited to the first Youth Haven family Mini-Camp in 2011. Living with HIV and raising young children brought her plenty of challenges so she was willing to take the opportunity to find help and guidance. At the mini-camp she met other parents with similar struggles and she had a great time bonding with her children. This year, Renee joined the Mini-Camp leadership team to encourage new families to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow. She hopes to share with other mothers the significant change a support group can have for a family affected by HIV.

To learn more about Youth Haven camps, visit our website.

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