A Loving Home Has No Age Limits

Three sisters, Leila, Aliyah, and Tatiana, came into LSS/NCA’s foster care program in 2007. They were removed from their father’s home due to allegations of sexual abuse. At the time, their father was unemployed and abused both drugs and alcohol. Their mother had abandoned the girls years ago. Faced with an immediate need to find the girls a loving home, LSS/NCA placed the girls with the Jones’s, an elderly couple with the energy and stamina to make any 20-year-old jealous.

After the trauma the girls endured, they had unique challenges that they had to overcome including developmental delays, educational deficits, and mental health issues. The Jones’s were willing to help the girls grow beyond these challenges. With the help of their social workers and the support of the Jones family, the girls began therapy and classes to help them address their needs.

Over the last few months, each of the girls has made significant progress in rebuilding their lives. Thanks to the structure and guidance of the Jones’ household and the LSS/NCA foster care program all girls are excelling in school and each has decided on an instrument they want to learn to play. Needless to say, the Jones’ household is a real live concert hall every day after school.

If you would like to learn more about adoption and foster care, click here.

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