Top 6 Websites to Help You Prepare for the Winter Storm

Winter storms are threatening the east cost over the next 24 hours. Remember to be prepared for extreme winter conditions and take precautions to secure the safety of your family and property. To help you prepare, we are sharing with you our top five internet resources for tips and tools to help you through the winter blast.

  1. American Red Cross: Winter Storm Preparedness and Supply Kit. What goes into a Supply kit when preparing for extreme weather?
  2. Fairfax County: Digital Preparedness kit. When the power goes out, what’s the best way to get help and communicate with loved ones?
  3. National Public Service Administration. What to do before, after, and during a winter storm?
  4. Federal Emergency Management Ageny (FEMA): How to winterize your home and vehicle?
  5. Momtastic Parenting: How to prepare for a winter storm keeping your children in mind?
  6. Caring News: How to find peace of mind as a caregiver during a winter storm?

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