A Familiar Journey in a Foreign Land

In America, there are several professions that require recertification when a person moves to a different state. This sometimes requires days of studying and dozens of tests, but it is nothing in comparison to what Marzieh experienced when she landed in a foreign country and refused to give up her passion of nursing.

Marzieh Gheibi had been a nurse in Iran for nearly 20 years. She loved to care for others and help them through difficult times. Because Marzieh was seen by other tribes in her country as unworthy of humane treatment and opportunity, she was forced to leave her home and all she had worked for. Despite her degree and experience she gained in her home country, Marzieh needed to pass the Maryland Board of Nursing exam to gain her license in the United States. She attempted the test, but failed.


Marzieh wasn’t discouraged after her failed attempt and continued studying to become a registered nurse. Scared but determined, she enrolled in Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) and took a few English courses to improve her language skills while she learned the American medical terminology to prepare herself for a profession in the United States. BCCC referred Marzieh to LSS/NCA’s recertification program. LSS/NCA was then able to provide Marzieh with study materials and assistance over the course of the next several months. Because of her initial perseverance and the community partnerships that lead her to seek guidance from LSS/NCA, Marzieh passed the Licensing Board and now works as a full time nurse in Maryland.

For more information about LSS/NCA’s recertification program, please visit our website.

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