A Refugee Child Learns How To Walk

Can you imagine being told by your neighbors that your child is possessed by the devil? That is Amira’s story. She carried her 20 pound toddler in her arms because his legs were too stiff to walk and she refused to leave him behind. She didn’t know what was wrong. People in her village whispered that her baby was possessed and that his condition was her fault because she didn’t take care of herself during pregnancy.

After a year, Amira was told that she would be able to leave the refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border and embark to a new country. When she arrived at the airport, LSS/NCA staff greeted Amira. They took her to a new apartment where Amira found everything she needed to build a new life for her family. Most importantly, Amira learned for the first time that her son’s illness was not her fault and she had done nothing wrong. Through a partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, LSS/NCA taught Amira how to care for her son’s special condition and he soon learned how to walk on his own. Both mother and son are doing well as LSS/NCA has helped Amira find employment and her son has made several new friends at school.


This is one of the many stories that are written each day at LSS/NCA by our amazing supporters and devoted staff. To find our how you can help, visit our website.


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