From Foster Child to Forever Family

National Adoption Day is a collective effort across the nation to raise awareness about the children in foster care waiting to find forever families. For more than 50 years, LSS/NCA has been a part of this effort by helping hundreds of children in the DC metropolitan area find loving, supportive homes. Here’s a story about one of these children:

capture-20131121-095927Sixteen years ago, Nick was born. This premature baby boy that barely weighed four pounds had nowhere to go. His mother had to return to a DC jail and he had no other family to take care of him. When LSS/NCA got the call that this child needed a foster family, they ran to the rescue. Lisa, the social worker for Nick’s case, called the Taylors who were ecstatic to welcome baby Nick into their home.

Every night, during the eight long weeks that paperwork was being processed, the Taylors took turns visiting Nick at his border home. Mrs. Taylor still remembers how she would look into his big, brown eyes as she fed him his evening bottle. The connection between them was irreplaceable.

Finally, Nick moved into the Taylors’ home, where he was the center of attention. The Taylors spent every second they could with Nick, ensuring he received the attention and guidance every child needs and deserves, while regularly taking Nick to visit his birth mom.

When Nick turned two-years-old, he was to be reunited with his birth mother, but she remained in jail. Though the Taylors would have loved to keep Nick, Lisa thought it would be in his best interest to stay with a relative until his mother’s expected release the following year. Lisa worked with Nick’s cousin as he transitioned to her home, and provided comfort to the Taylors as they said good-bye.


After a year, Nick was still unable to reunite with his mother, so Lisa began to search for a more permanent home for him.  Following her instincts, Lisa made a call to the Taylors to see if they would like to have Nick again, but this time as a permanent addition to their family. Without hesitation, the Taylors agreed. 

Now, 16 years later, Nick is no longer the small baby that the Taylors cradled each evening. At 180lbs, Nick is a starting wide receiver on his high school football team. Nick isn’t only a star on the football field, but a star son, grandson, nephew and brother. Nick’s story touches the hearts of many and LSS/NCA is proud to have the support of a community that makes this story and many others possible.  

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